Redefining the Shape of Sound

Redefining the shape of sound.


The speaker reinvented.

The same speaker structure has been used for over a century in virtually all sound-emitting products. It’s cone-shaped, hence the shape of the volume icon. Resonado is the first company to ever introduce a speaker structure that’s better in every way.

Introducing the Flat Core Speaker.

We’re breaking the mold of the century-old conventional speaker with our proprietary Flat Core Speaker architecture. Creating a structure that’s thinner, lighter, sustainable, and with enhanced sound quality was the easy part. There are other speaker technologies out there that have already accomplished this. Our technology is the first that goes above and beyond.

The Flat Core Speaker is the only other fully scaleable structure that can accurately reproduce the entire audible frequency spectrum. This means we can make speakers of any size and type.

Enabling freedom of design globally.

That wasn’t enough. We didn’t just want to flip the entire speaker industry on its head by replacing big inefficient speakers with thin efficient ones - we wanted to revolutionize the way the entire world experiences sound. That’s why we designed the Flat Core Speaker structure to where it can be made into any shape imaginable. Have you ever noticed that all smart speakers have a cylindrical shape? That’s because they’re all constrained by the conventional speaker structure.

With Resonado’s technology, we can enable freedom of design for product designers everywhere.


Sound is everywhere. Sound is timeless.

Virtually all products that emit sound use the conventional speaker structure internally. The device you’re viewing this site on. The television that your family gathers around for a Sunday night movie. The car that you roll the windows down on singing your heart out to your favorite summer anthem. The intercom on the plane announcing that you’ll be landing early. The sound system blasting your favorite artist’s music in a live concert. Sound is everywhere.

Sound is there for some of the most memorable experiences in your lifetime. Our vision is to enhance every single one of those experiences for people across the globe.



Living in a world that’s in a constant state of volatility inspired us to connect through the one thing that has always remained a unifying force - music.
— Brian Cho, Co-Founder & CEO

Our Story

Resonado is an American company founded in 2017 by Brian Cho, Christian Femrite, Erikc Perez-Perez, and Peter Moeckel. The four met while pursuing undergraduate degrees at the University of Notre Dame.

The four co-founders met through pure serendipity, bonded through their mutual love for music, and became a cohesive unit through complementing skillsets. They were motivated by an innate need to innovate and enhance the world around them. They had a vision for revolutionizing the way the world experienced sound. That vision began to materialize with the birth of Resonado.

Today, Resonado is an award-winning startup that designs and develops audio systems with its patented Flat Core Speaker technology for businesses. Enticed by the prospect of better speakers and being freed from century-old design constraints, dozens of prospective clients have expressed interest in implementing the developing technology. Several are already starting pilot projects with existing prototypes. These companies include major international corporations in automotive, consumer electronics, home theater, hospitality, and marine industries. Resonado expects to officially launch the brand nationwide in late 2019.