Flat Core Speaker (FCS) Technology

Introducing our patented Flat Core Speaker technology. FCS technology enables unprecedented possibilities for innovation across industries. Watch the video below to listen to Christian Femrite, our VP of Engineering, explain how it works and play a demo of our 30 Watt speaker prototype. 

Over the past few decades, technological advancements have brought about an era of smaller and lighter consumer electronics. Bulky satellite phones have been replaced by sleek new smartphones and box TVs have been replaced by flat-screen TVs. Now with the advent of wearable devices, the demand for miniaturization is even greater.

Despite the apparent needs, speaker technology has remained underdeveloped due to the cost advantage a conventional, 120-year-old cone-shaped speaker technology has had over other existing technologies. Resonado provides the groundbreaking hardware solution the audio industry has been waiting for.

FCS technology is an innovative speaker technology that provides the following key advantages over existing speaker technology:

1) 30% more sustainable thanks to minimizing rare earth metal use. 

2) 40% more energy efficient thanks to planar neodymium magnets and diaphragm. 

3) 30-70% thinner and lighter thanks to our core, innovative structure.  

 FCS tech adopts a planar diaphragm which allows for the efficient energy transfer from electricity to sound pressure. The old, cone-shaped diaphragm has inherent structural disadvantages due to the unused space it creates within the product. This structural disadvantage of the cone-shaped speaker requires engineers to allocate a predefined space in their products, limiting their product designs.

Our use of a planar diaphragm and unique repositioning of the magnets allows it to replace the voice-coil with a flexible PCB. Using a flexible PCB, FCS tech gives a speaker driver the freedom to take any shape imaginable: U-shape, Z-shape, O-shape, etc.

This tech is not the first to adopt a planar diaphragm for the speaker. In fact, there have been many attempts over the past decades by companies like NXP, Magnepan, Audeze, etc. While these previous attempts succeeded in creating speaker drivers that are thinner, they could not replace the existing cone-shaped speaker drivers due to their high cost of manufacturing.

Resonado's tech differentiates itself from previous attempts by repositioning the magnetic force. Instead of using a cylindrical magnet with the voice-coil around it, FCS tech uses bar magnets with a flattened voice-coil in the middle, thereby creating vertical oscillations. 




This use of bar magnets, along with FCS tech's planar design, allows it to use less material to deliver the same power output. The reduction in material usage, along with the planar design, consequently leads to the reduction in both size and weight of an individual speaker unit, which leads to greater advantages for other end-products that use speaker components.

On a smaller scale, consumer electronics like laptops or smartphones could produce louder and higher quality audio with similar space allocations. On a larger scale, automobile and aerospace vehicles could benefit from more space for passengers and better fuel-efficiency from the reduction in the overall weight and occupied space of a vehicle.



Resonado ushers in an iconic change with the potential to foster innovation across every industry you can think of: from alarm clocks, to cars, to planes, to concerts, to entire stadiums. 

In the midst of rapid technological development, conception of technology varies greatly among different generations. Take the save icon or the call icon for example. Our generation hardly knows what a floppy disk is or even a dial phone. It's time to introduce innovation to the sound industry to where the next generation will hardly know what a cone-shaped speaker is. 



For those interested in a business relationship as an investor or licensee, please contact us at info@resonado.com

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