We’d love to be your official sound provider.



Resonado can provide the speakers for any of your devices. By implementing our technology, we can enhance your sound quality and most importantly, free your product designers from traditional restraints.

∙ Cameras
∙ Computers
∙ Smart Speakers
∙ Sound Bars
∙ Gaming
∙ Mobile Devices
∙ Televisions
∙ Toys


Thanks to our speaker’s architecture, there is even force distribution along the diaphragm, unlike traditional speakers. This enables our speakers to have a crystal clear sound quality unlike any other, perfect for professional application where every note matters.

∙ Cinema
∙ Music
∙ Theater


Resonado can introduce an entirely fresh spin on designing building interiors. With our flexible form factor, we can provide speakers that are built into furniture, architectural elements such as columns or walls, all for a beautiful, immersive sound experience.

∙ Home
∙ Hospitality
∙ Office
∙ Venue


We know many vehicle categories are constantly battling to shave off every ounce of weight possible, in order to enhance fuel efficiency. Our speakers are less than a third of the weight of the speakers currently found in vehicles - and of course, we can also free your product designers from traditional restraints.

∙ Automotive
∙ Aviation
∙ Commercial
∙ Marine
∙ Recreational


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