Executive Summary

Company Overview

Resonado redefines the shape of sound with its patented Flat Core Speaker (FCS) technology which can replace all speakers in the world.

Despite the structural disadvantages, conventional cone-shaped speaker technology has dominated the market with its cost advantage and universal applicability. This outdated technology, however, is hindering product innovation against the market trend of miniaturization – “thinner and lighter.” As a result, either a speaker had to be externalized from the product (e.g. a sound bar to provide audio for an ultra-thin TV) or a product audio quality had to be sacrificed (e.g. phones and laptop speakers).

Resonado's FCS Technology rethinks the core mechanism of how sound is produced. Through this reinvention, we are setting the new standard for the speaker with the following key advantages:

(1) 30% reduction in cost, (use of less raw material)
(2) 40% increased energy efficiency, (increased magnetic flux)
(3) 70% reduction in physical size and weight, (a simplified structure)
(4) acoustically superior sound quality, (planar diaphragm)
(5) structural flexibility, (S, Z, or even O-shaped speaker design)
(6) unlimited scalability, (cover all audible frequencies from 20 Hz - 20 KHz)
(7) better heat dissipation, (a simplified structure)
(8) reduced defect rates in production, (an open structure)
(9) and universal applicability. (readily compatible with existing system)

FCS technology is an ideal substitute to the traditional cone-shaped speaker technology because it is applicable to any speaker regardless of its size or frequency range.

Resonado provides customized audio solutions to its B2B clients and has numerous current and prospective clients in multiple industries including but not limited to Automotive, Home Audio, Consumer Electronics, etc.


Brian Cho (CEO) and his father, Leeg Hyun Cho (CTO), first came up with the idea for the FCS technology together in Korea 16 years ago. Since then, the technology was developed as a side project until 2015 when Leeg Hyun started a R&D center in Korea and Brian subsequently founded Resonado in 2017 to commercialize the technology. The FCS technology was used in two consumer speaker products that are currently available on Amazon..


FCS technology is protected by issued patents in the U.S. (2), South Korea (7). 3 additional U.S. patents were filed in January 2019. The patents protect (1) the core structure which uses bar magnets, a planar voice coil, and a planar diaphragm and (2) other related applications.


While there exist other planar speakers, the existing planar speakers such as flat vibration panel speakers by NXP or the planar magnetic speakers by Magnepan and Audeze fail to address the traditional speaker’s cost advantages or the universal applicability. FCS technology outperforms each and every element the traditional conical speaker technology has advantages in, including both the cost and universal applicability .

Business Model & Go-to-Market Strategy

Resonado custom designs and manufactures audio solutions to its corporate clients. Resonado currently has a total of 26 prospective clients in 6+ industries including but not limited to: Automotive, Home Audio, Consumer Electronics, Laptop, Recreational Vehicle, Marine, etc. Resonado currently has LOI/MOUs totaling a potential deal size of $1.4M+.


2003          Idea perceived while preparing  a surprise gift for mom.
2009          2 US patents issued and granted.
Q1 2017     Technology proof of concept achieved through a 3W unit development
Q2 2017     Founded Resonado to start a business in the United States.
Q2 2018     Switched from B2C to B2B.
Q4 2018     Initial funding from ND Idea Center, DRF by First Round Capital, angels, etc.
Q1 2019      30W unit development complete – MVP product for the US market.
LOI/MOU totaling $1.4M+ from Boat and 5-Star hotel chain companies.
3 New US patents filed.


Resonado is currently raising a seed-round funding. If you are interested in investing, please complete the following form (LINK) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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