Resonado Pivots Business Strategy

When Resonado, formerly known as Flato, initially launched in May of 2017, the company was consumer-facing and focused on selling their products, the Mini-O and Bluepot. Flat Core Speaker technology (FCS technology) allows us to create speakers that are thinner, lighter, and higher quality, and naturally the speakers made with FCS Tech have unprecedented quality when compared with other speakers of that size.

Selling Mini-Os and Bluepots was wildly successful and helped us get where we are today. In total, Resonado has made over $60,000 in revenue from selling their products on various retail platforms.

Though focusing on consumer-sales has done Resonado well, we’ve realized that our greatest potential lies in B2B sales. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on this decision which was made after much discussion with our advisors and industry experts.

By immediately pursuing business to business relationships, we will be able to address a larger market and follow a more direct path to achieving our mission of bringing Flat Core Speaker technology to the world. Progress has already been made towards this goal through relationships we have established with multiple corporations in consumer electronics, recreational vehicles, and automotive industries.

Katie Smith