Resonado Raises $15,000 in 30 days on Kickstarter

Flato, now known as Resonado, launched our first product, the Mini-O, on Kickstarter. The Mini-O is one of only two products created with Flat Core Speaker technology available in the United States.

The campaign had 189 backers who pledged $15,092, which greatly exceeded their goal of $10,000.

The Mini-Os are sold in pairs, and each Mini-O is slightly larger than a credit card. Weighing only .16 pounds, they can easily slip into a pocket or bag and be carried anywhere. They are equipped with True Wireless Stereo Technology which allows the Mini-O pair to be connected to the same device via Bluetooth which offers incredible stereo surround sound. The Mini-O’s sleek, slim, and durable design allow them to be used in any environment, from a mountain hike to a dorm room.

Find out more details by viewing the Kickstarter page.

Read more about the Mini-Os here or here.

Katie Smith