About us

Our Story

The story of our core technology begins in South Korea with Brian Cho (CEO) and his father, LH Cho (CTO), who is a seasoned electrical engineer and technology patent expert. Over the past few years, they worked on what is now our Flat Core Speaker technology. Once the technology's structural development was finalized, 10 patents were issued in 3 countries. LH Cho then established his own company, HMLink, in Asia.

Resonado was founded by Brian, Peter, Perez, and Christian all of whom met at the University of Notre Dame. Although each had specific talents and skills including engineering, finance, law, and marketing, the four were unified by a passion for music and an immersive sound experience. Their vision was to make an impact in the world of audio, and thanks to Brian, they had just the what they needed.

The four began to plan for the materialization of their vision. Their plan of execution was to introduce Flat Core Speaker technology to the US to enhance the sound experience in ways that had never before been possible.

In 2017, that vision was materialized when the four founded Resonado.

Today, Resonado is well on its way to become the most disruptive speaker hardware company that history has ever seen. With HMLink as Resonado’s key supplier, our team is now in the process of building a complete sound system to fully demonstrate the technology's scalability and universal applicability.


Brian Cho

Founder, CEO

As chairman and chief executive officer of Resonado, Brian oversees the setting of the company’s direction and strategy, is responsible for investor relations, and supply chain management through HMLink.

Prior to founding Resonado Brian worked alongside his father from the original concept of our core technology through to its full development and patent issuance. He was also an investment advisor in the raising of seed rounds totaling $1M for startup tech companies.

Brian also has experience as a marketing consultant for Paul Academy, a private testing organization. In addition, he served as the Administrative Clerk for two years for the Republic of Korea Army.

He studied Finance and Applied Math at the University of Notre Dame.

Peter Moeckel

Founder, CFO

As chief financial officer of Resonado Peter is responsible for accounting, financial and infrastructure support in addition to legal research.

Peter has experience as a financial analyst for O’Shaugnessy Asset Management. Prior to this he was in business development for Gooroo, a fast-growing education startup in NYC.

He studied Finance and Economics at the University of Notre Dame.

Erikc Pérez-Pérez

Founder, COO

As chief operating officer of Resonado, Perez works closely with Brian in helping define and execute the company’s strategic direction and long-term vision. He is responsible for daily operations, branding, marketing, and business development as well as setting and maintaining Resonado’s culture.

Prior to founding Resonado he was a lead consultant for a startup seeking to provide solutions to under-resourced businesses in Latin America, worked in sales at Coldwell Banker, and was the field manager for a premium construction company.

Perez has also been recognized for his creative talent in the field of visual arts as a sculptor, cinematographer, and photographer.

He studied Marketing and Fine Arts at the University of Notre Dame.

Christian Femrite

Founder, VP of Engineering

As VP of Engineering of Resonado Christian works closely with LH Cho on the development of global audio research as well as the development of the company’s existing and future technologies in order to continue providing fresh innovations across industries.

Prior to founding Resonado Christian was part of a Nuclear Science Lab at the University of Notre Dame. His primary areas of expertise are in audio signal processing, digital design, system integration, and quality analysis.

Christian also has over 12 years of experience in the music industry.

He studied Electrical Engineering and Actuarial Science at the University of Notre Dame.