We have a passion for audio.


As a young ambitious team, we work relentlessly to accomplish the vision of Resonado: setting the new standard for the speaker industry.


Our Story

Resonado is an American company founded in 2017 by four students at the University of Notre Dame with the vision to enhance the way the world experiences sound.

Today, Resonado is an award-winning startup that designs and develops audio systems with its patented Flat Core Speaker (FCS) technology which allows businesses to foster product innovation in ways they've never been able to before. Resonado has rapidly gained traction by generating interest from over a dozen prospective clients. These include prominent corporations in the Automotive, Home Audio, Consumer Electronics, Marine industries. 

Flat Core Speaker technology is quite literally an iconic innovation. Just like the floppy disk is barely recognized by today’s generation when they see the save icon, the original speaker will barely be recognized by tomorrow’s generation when they see the volume icon. We can foster fresh innovation for every product that produces sound – from consumer electronics, to cars, to theaters, to entire stadiums. The possibilities are endless.

The story of the core technology began in early 2000’s with Mr. LH Cho, our CTO and the original inventor of this novel technology. As a young engineer with a brilliant and restless mind, Mr. LH Cho was constantly tinkering on projects around his home. One such project was a personalized digital photo frame for his beloved wife’s birthday. As he was building the frame, Mr. LH Cho’s son, Brian, walked into his workshop holding two speakers. Brian knew his mother was an avid music lover.

However, the speakers Brian was holding wouldn’t fit the thin frame Mr. Cho had built. Mr. Cho explained to Brian that the conical structure of the speakers was impossible to make thin. As he said the words, Mr. Cho’s face changed. He envisioned the speakers taking a planar form by a simple rearrangement of essential components… 

Since that day, Mr. Cho has put the finishing touches on what is now patented FCS technology: the first structural speaker innovation that could scale to any size, reproduce a full frequency range, all with improved efficiency. Seeing the potential of his invention, he started the R&D center in South Korea and few years later, Resonado was founded as in the United States to fully commercialize the technology.