Redefining the Shape of Sound

The speaker, reinvented.

Breaking the mold of the century-old conventional transducer design with our proprietary Flat Core Speaker architecture.


Conventional speaker technology innovation has remained stagnant.


The same speaker structure has been used for over a century in virtually all sound-emitting products. It’s cone-shaped, hence the shape of the volume icon.


Our Flat Core Speaker creates a thinner, lighter, better sounding speaker. It’s fully scaleable structure means we can make speakers of any size and type.

History of the speaker

Here at Resonado, we’re completely changing the way sound is engineered. We’re breaking the mold of the century-old conventional transducer design with our proprietary Flat Core Speaker architecture. New audio products will experience substantial benefits in cost, weight, and efficiency across a variety of industries from automotive to consumer electronics to home theater.

They will realize newfound structural versatility and precise control of sound quality and dispersion. Audio engineers will never look back. The possibilities are truly limitless.


Flat Core Speaker (FCS) technology

Freedom in Form Factor

Any shape imaginable
Unprecedented design


Reduction in Size & Weight

Use of less material: sustainable
Smaller enclosure requirement


Increase in Efficiencies

Increased motor efficiencies
High fidelity sound


Christian Femrite (VP of Engineering)

talks about how Flat Core Speaker technology will impact the future.


What are the advantages?


Flat Core Speaker technology enables us to create speakers that are thinner, lighter, more energy efficient, and more sustainable. Thanks to more even force distribution along the diaphragm, our structure is also able to have higher sound quality, specifically a clearer sound that can carry further. The structure is fully scaleable; we can make any size speaker, of any type. This means we can build speakers as small as micro speakers for smart phones, to entire sound systems for a live concert.

The most exciting part is that we designed the Flat Core Speaker structure so that it could be formed into virtually any shape imaginable - from flowing curves to sharp angles.


What does this mean for you as a business buying our product?


These advantages could hold different value for different industries. For automotive, implementing our technology means a far lighter sound system and far more flexible speaker placement (no more having to blast music at your customer’s feet from a low door speaker). For industries that are size sensitive, we can provide smaller speakers that have greater output.

Every industry could benefit from our versatile structure - being able to have a speaker that’s any shape you want opens entirely new horizons for product designers everywhere. Having a crystal clear sound quality will also be a benefit for products where fidelity matters, such as home theater systems.


What does this mean for you as an individual?


A more immersive sound experience everywhere. Virtually all products that emit sound use the conventional speaker structure internally. The device you’re viewing this site on. The television that your family gathers around for a Sunday night movie. The car that you roll the windows down on singing your heart out to your favorite summer anthem. The intercom on the plane announcing that you’ll be landing early. The sound system blasting your favorite artist’s music in a live concert. Sound is everywhere.

Sound is there for some of the most memorable experiences in your lifetime. Our vision is to enhance every single one of those experiences for people across the globe.


What sets us apart from the original conical structure?

The difference in a Flat Core Speaker is the electromagnetic structure. A conventional speaker is burdened by the need for a cylindrical voice coil and slotted magnet-yoke assembly. Other niche transducer technologies have indeed created new ways to produce sound over the years, but none have ever been as simple, elegant, and effective as this.

A Flat Core speaker consists of a bar magnet assembly with a vertical voice coil coupled to a stiff diaphragm and suspension which is an inherently more adaptable and effective design.


What sets us apart from other flat speakers?

We are the first flat speaker that is not only fully scaleable (able to create speakers of any size without compromising sound quality), but also cheaper to manufacture. There have been numerous other flat speakers invented over the years; yet if you break open any standard, mass produced product, you’ll still find a conical speaker. Other flat speakers have been unable to take over the market because they’re either only suited for small sizes, or only suited for large sizes, or are absurdly expensive to manufacture.

Resonado is the first company that can single-handedly replace every speaker in every product, globally.