Redefining the Shape of Sound

Here at Resonado, we’re completely changing the way sound is engineered. We’re breaking the mold of the century-old conventional transducer design with our proprietary Flat Core Speaker architecture. New audio products will experience substantial savings in cost, weight, and efficiency across a variety of industries from automotive to consumer electronics to home theater. They will realize newfound structural versatility and precise control of sound quality and dispersion. Audio engineers will never look back. The possibilities are truly limitless.


FCS will change the way sound is integrated into our lives. The conventional speaker design which has dominated for over a century in nearly every audio application remains creatively constrained by its internal arrangement, and this forces the end product to adapt to the speaker rather than the other way around. From cell phones to live music to your car, speakers will be created that are meant to contour to the experience.

Imagine a speaker that can be made into virtually any shape imaginable. It’s a bit difficult at first because we’re trained to think of a speaker as a simple cone-shaped commodity. The volume icon is the expectation of the shape of a speaker. FCS will be the metamorphosis of shape and design in audio. It’s an energy efficient and sustainable alternative that packs a larger sound into smaller spaces using less material - and it offers unprecedented freedom of design. It’s the reinvention of the speaker.

What sets us apart?

The difference in a Flat Core Speaker is the electromagnetic structure. A conventional speaker is burdened by the need for a cylindrical voice coil and slotted magnet-yoke assembly. Other niche (rarely-used?) transducer technologies have indeed created new ways to produce sound over the years, but none have ever been as simple, elegant, and effective as this. A Flat Core speaker consists of a bar magnet assembly with a vertical voice coil coupled to a stiff diaphragm and suspension which is an inherently more adaptable and effective design. Once they understand the implications of such a product, audio engineers will never look back. The possibilities are truly limitless.